Observations and Oddities

A Mothers’ Day Memoir

The annual celebration of mothers often incites people to share tales of their children’s births, touching memories of those no longer with us and precious sentiments about the things our mothers have taught us or given up for us over the years. While I could write pages on any of these subjects, I have chosen to instead document 10 moments that confirmed for me what it is to be a mother.

  1. Waking a peacefully sleeping baby, just to assure myself she was still breathing.
  2. Reaching into my purse in search of keys, only to pull out a pacifier.
  3. Paying three times what I should for the Christmas gift my child just had to have.
  4. Crying during a first grade performance of a song about Egypt.
  5. Applying the “mom arm” technique during a sudden stop of the car.
  6. Spending hours and hours, into the wee hours of the night, making the perfect Barbie cake.
  7. Sobbing hysterically (the textbook definition of an “ugly cry”) while witnessing my child in pain and knowing I couldn’t ease it.
  8. Singing every word of the High School Musical soundtrack with my daughter (and being able to identify the actors, characters and scenes involved with each song).
  9. Sitting in a parking lot, making frantic phone calls and refusing to leave until I know exactly why police cars and fire engines are surrounding my child’s school, while simultaneously considering the various ways I could bypass the emergency vehicles to get to my child.
  10. Digging through the garbage to find misplaced homework assignments.

They may not be the memories that will ever grace the front of a greeting card, but they are the ones that have made me Mom.


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  1. * Michelle says:

    One of my defining moments was when I realized that I could hold my child, purse, diaper bag, a couple of bags of groceries and my car keys in one arm while navigating the cart back to the corral in the parking lot 🙂

    | Reply Posted 7 years ago

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