Observations and Oddities

The Thankful Game

Lately, one of my pastors has been encouraging us to the play what he has dubbed “the thankful game.”  His purpose is to keep us focused on the important things rather than getting caught up in life’s little distractions and inconveniences.  So, after being quite grumpy about my nasty commute home last night (for a brief synopsis of this event see my Facebook page ), I’ve decided to play a round of the thankful game.

I am thankful for the following:

  • That no one was critically injured in the accident that caused my chaotic commute (A miracle in itself when you realize a van tumbled off on overpass and a semi was completely engulfed in flames and no one involved was wearing  seatbelt. Read more here).
  • That I didn’t leave work a few minutes earlier, as it could have put me in the middle of the accident
  • A nearly full tank of gas, an empty bladder, a charged cell phone, a granola bar and a book
  • That my children were safe at home with their dad and not stranded somewhere waiting to be picked up
  • Friends and family who called, texted, and posted to Facebook in order to both check on me and keep me entertained
  • My iPhone- plenty of entertainment to be found in that 2.5 X 4.5” box
  • That, for the most part, people remained calm and polite and didn’t act incredibly stupid in the traffic mess
  • Public servants such as the police officers and firefighters who worked long hours in blistering cold to deal with the aftermath of the accident
  • Alternative routes and navigational systems
  • That the alternative routes were only covered with light ice and snow and not the dreadful stuff my friends and family in other regions are dealing with
  • The warm house I had to go home to, even if it was at the end of the ice-covered hill that my car was not able pass
  • The family waiting for me in that house, and the fact that they are all healthy and safe
  • The yummy leftovers that were in my fully-stocked fridge upon my arrival at home
  • The job I was coming home from
  • A pastor that reminded me to be thankful
  • A God who has blessed me with everything listed above and more
  • Those of you that will take a few minutes out of your busy schedule to read this post

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